One system for temperature control across the whole building.

No matter what sector your business is in, air conditioning is an essential that you can’t do without.

By regulating the temperature, air conditioners are key to providing a comfortable and inviting environment for all guests, customers and visitors all year round. In addition, air conditioning units are proven to increase concentration, motivation wellbeing and productivity of your staff, boosting the efficiency of your business.

Looking for air conditioning that gives reliable temperature control across the whole building – all under one system? The central air conditioner could be the match for you.

As the most common type of air conditioner, a central air conditioning system is made from a large outside unit, which cools the air and distributes it through the building using ducts.

During the colder months, the same system is used with a furnace to heat up the air. This means that you can rely on your system to always maintain comfortable temperatures – whatever the weather is outside.

The ducts, which are installed in the walls and floors, are often hidden entirely, with only small frills visible. There are no bulky or protruding units – central air conditioners are the most aesthetically pleasing solution that doesn’t disrupt your design.

Because central air conditioning systems install ducts through the building, they are best installed while your building is going through a renovation to avoid any disruptions. For those that have suspended ceilings – this system can also be retrofitted without the too much of a disturbance.

Taking complete ownership of the project from design through to installation, we offer a complete end-to-end solution that ensures your air conditioning system remains efficient and effective for years to come.

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