Keeping your food and ingredients chilled at the right temperature, cold rooms are ideal for a range of businesses and industries. Even in the busiest of kitchens, the right cold room ensures that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Cold rooms not only maintain the quality of your food and ingredients but also allow for quick and easy access, letting employees obtain the ingredients they need, as they need them. The right system also ensures that employees are well-equipped to handle the heat and demands of even the busiest of kitchens.

For commercial kitchens and restaurants, Christmas is an incredibly busy time of year. When you’re busy preparing new menus, and taking bookings for the Christmas rush, the last thing you need is equipment that slows you down.

To keep your business running smoothly, we’ve put together some top tips to keep your cold room efficient over Christmas.

Complete pre-Christmas checks.

Before the Christmas rush hits you, you need to make sure that your equipment is suited to your business.

Leading up to the festive season, you should think about getting all your equipment serviced and inspected, making sure that there are no issues or faults that could impact your business during your busiest point.

Getting your cold room checked before the Christmas rush will prevent damages or stoppages from losing your business time, money, resources and customers.

Think about your storage space.

Your cold room should be built around and adapted to your company and able to make things run smoothly even when things are at their busiest.

Even with custom-built cold rooms, Christmas can put a strain on any company, particularly if you need to order and store items that you wouldn’t normally stock.

Before your Christmas stock arrives, you need to think about whether you have enough room to store these items in your cold room. When you consider this, you need to be careful not to overstock your cold rooms, as overloading affects the internal airflow within the cabinet. Without an open airflow and circulation, your cold room will be unable to chill effectively, reducing its efficiency.

If you don’t have enough storage, you may want to consider a temporary refrigeration device to take some strain off your cold room and increase your energy savings.

Temporary reorganisation

Cold rooms organised to how your business works. They are organised in a way to make sure that no food is forgotten about and everything is easy to access.

During Christmas, it may be worth implementing or reviewing temporary reorganisation of your cold rooms to accommodate your new and seasonal items. This will reduce the time staff spend in the cold room searching for the items they need, making your cold room and business more efficient.

Monitor performance

To ensure that your cold room is working as it should be, you should monitor its performance. This includes keeping an eye on the temperatures, making sure that the doors are sealed properly and that it is kept clean.

By monitoring performance, you can identify any issues with your cold room before they become a problem and affect your businesses performance and efficiency during the Christmas period.

Following these tips will help keep your cold room efficient over Christmas, ensuring that your business can handle anything from the festive season.

For more information on how to get the best from your cold room or refrigeration units, get in touch with a member of our team today.