Commercial air conditioner theft remains a big problem for businesses and can have a devastating effect.

If it happens to your business, not only do you lose the investment in your air conditioning equipment, but it can cause costly damage which is expensive to put right.

Air conditioning condensers are easy targets because they are often installed on the exterior of buildings.

Hiding your condensers out of view will help deter would-be thieves

They contain a large amount of valuable copper and other materials that can be stripped and sold as scrap metal.

The introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 clamped down on rogue traders, by making it an offence for scrap metal dealers to trade in cash. They are also required to verify the name and address of the seller at the point of sale, which is recorded and retained by the dealer, as well as sign-up to a national, publicly available register of authorised scrap metal dealers.

However, in spite of tighter laws, air conditioner condenser theft is still commonplace in the UK and can be both costly and disruptive to put right.

PCPM is an expert air conditioning installer and can advise on the best places to locate your outdoor units, and the things to bear in mind when it comes to your security.

We will do this as part of our initial site survey, before we quote.

However, here are some top tips to bear in mind when it comes to thinking about your air conditioner condenser’s security:

Discreet location

If your premises allow, your air conditioning condenser should be installed out of view of the general public. This may not always be possible, but if you can locate your unit at the rear or side of your building, so it’s not visible to passers-by, it will make it less of an easy target to steal. Also, hiding your condenser away from prying eyes, if possible, will improve the overall aesthetic of your premises too.

Lights, camera, action

Most robberies tend to take place out of hours and under the cover of darkness, when there is less chance of the thieves being seen.

Don’t make it easy for them. Installing motion-controlled security lights can act as an effective deterrent to anyone lurking around your condenser.

If your premises have CCTV and your security cameras can cover the condenser’s location, even better.

Cage it up

If you’ve no choice but to install your condenser in a place that is visible or easily accessible, or if you want added peace of mind, consider an air conditioning cage.

They can be installed over the top of your unit to not only prevent the whole thing from being stolen, but also keep thieves from reaching in to steal the copper coil and other components. This extra layer of security also serves as an effective visual deterrent to thieves.

How PCPM can help

PCPM provides complete project management services to take care of the installation of your air conditioning from start to finish.

We can provide you with energy efficient HVAC solutions which meet your exact requirements, as well as advising on the best way to keep your equipment as safe and secure as possible.

From design to installation, we ensure that your business benefits from reliable and efficient solutions built to last.

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