At PCPM, we’re used to dealing with major clients, working on the biggest sites and dealing with some of the largest chains in the UK.

But, we also get asked to be involved in smaller, refurbishment jobs.

This was the case with this site.

The customer had a very old -40ºC freezer chamber that was probably about 50 years old.

It was used for testing engines for construction and military vehicles to see how they would start and perform in low-temperature conditions.

The freezer was originally built from block work, lined with pitch painted walls and styrofoam and had at some point during its life been further lined with 150mm PU panels.

However, no works had ever been undertaken on the personnel access doors which, when we were called to site, were freezing up, sweating, difficult to close and open and causing issues for the staff trying to monitor what was going on inside the chambers.

We took full ownership of the project arranging for an asbestos survey, full removal and disposal of the existing hardware, then supplying and fitting the new doors and frames, which included lining the openings and fitting insulated door curtains to help maintain the temperatures.

If we can help with any coldroom works for your company, don’t hesitate to get in touch.