Our founder and MD, Peter Crown, is toasting 25 years of a successful working relationship with McDonalds, which has seen him work on thousands of projects in hundreds of its UK outlets.

Peter first started working with the chain in 1993 and has since worked on over 2,000 projects and has visited most of its 1,300 restaurants in the UK during his career in the refrigeration sector.

He founded our award-winning business in 2005 as a specialist provider of commercial refrigeration and HVAC solutions, including the design, supply and install of heating and cooling systems and commercial cold rooms.

Over the past four years, PCPM has continued to work with McDonald’s as part of a nationwide refurbishment programme for its outlets.

As part of that programme, PCPM has provided solutions to optimise the outlets’ existing back-of-house storage space to enable them to accommodate more chiller and freezer space.

Peter’s relationship with McDonald’s also led to PCPM being contracted to design, supply and install a temporary McDonald’s restaurant, made from cold room panels, for the Athletes’ Village, at the 2012 Olympic Games, in London.

After the Games, PCPM dismantled and stored the structure for a period, before reusing the materials in subsequent developments for the same client.

Its most recent project saw PCPM provide a freezer room with load-bearing capabilities, that will be used to support gantries and walkways. The innovation has potential to be used in many other retail and logistics environments.

Peter said: “I’ve worked with McDonald’s in a number of capacities over the years and it’s amazing to think that here I am, three decades down the line, still delivering innovative refrigeration solutions to a truly global giant.

“I’ve worked on some great projects and my ongoing relationship has led to the development of ‘industry-first’ innovations such as the work we did on the 2012 Olympics Athletes’ Village.

“It is our latest innovation, however, that is really exciting because we’ve managed to create a coldroom that is structurally justified, meaning it can be used for a variety of load-bearing applications in the retail, restaurant and warehousing sectors.”