Create environments designed for learning.

In schools and learning spaces, every element has a massive effect on a pupil’s education. When it comes to giving every student their best chance – they need an environment in which they can flourish.

Having the right school air conditioning is essential.

School air conditioning will regulate temperatures – making sure that it’s at the right, comfortable level – all year round.

Consistent and comfortable temperatures have proven to increase concentration levels, improving the mood and efficiency of both staff and students.

Research has shown that temperatures that are too high in classrooms can be associated with aggressive behaviour and cause poor performance in examinations, further exemplifying the need for air conditioning in schools.

School air conditioning is incredibly important in improving the wellbeing and productivity of children – helping students learn, concentrate and perform at their best.

At PCPM, we use years of experience and the latest technology to provide your schools and buildings with the right HVAC systems it needs.

Meeting your exact requirements is our priority. With years of HVAC experience and expert knowledge of the entire end-to-end process, PCPM can specify, design, supply and install bespoke air conditioning systems that create a safe, comfortable and productive learning space.

We don’t believe in wasted energy. Understanding your needs, space and goals, we work with you to provide the exact solution you need – helping reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utility bills with the most energy efficient system custom to you.

Our HVAC air condition systems also protect your premises from damp and other moisture-related issues. Preventing expensive damage and repairs, increasing your profits and decreasing the distractions.

With a complete end-to-end solution, we provide the perfect air conditioning solution that will improve learning and allow your students to achieve their best – from their very first lesson, through to their final exams.


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