Behind-the-scenes ventilation to help your kitchen thrive

Ventilation is a must that commercial kitchens cannot do without. They are essential for protecting employee health, quality of service and the safety of your commercial kitchen spaces.

Commerical kitchens are the heart of a restaurant. To ensure that it continues to tick over, it’s imperative that it is well ventilated, both as a key health and safety measure and to improve the space’s efficiency, quality and productivity.

When the heat is on during a busy shift, proper ventilation is needed to cool the area, so that employees don’t absorb any grease or smoke that is released into the air through cooking.

The optimal temperature for productivity sits between 71˚F and 77˚F. When building and fitting commercial kitchens, it’s vital to ensure that the kitchen stays within the temperature range. Anything outside of this range decreases productivity, has seen staff exhibit a higher rate of mistakes and can be costly when it comes to utility bills.

Using our energy efficient HVAC ventilation systems, your business can rapidly reduce costs, improve your environmental performance and increase profits and value by maintaining a comfortable, productive and inviting environment for your commercial kitchens.

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