HVAC systems play an important role in your business.

Keeping consistent temperatures all year round, HVAC systems can increase mood and motivation, creating the perfect environment for staff, visitors and customers.

When it comes to HVAC systems, energy efficiency is a hot topic. It’s not hard to see why either, as heating and cooling accounts for half of the EU’s energy consumption.  While HVAC systems can increase productivity and profits, they also have a big impact on your carbon footprint and energy bills. Which explains why businesses are on the constant lookout for energy efficient air conditioners and HVAC solutions for their building.

To ensure you have the best HVAC system, we’ve put together some key figures you need to know and top tips to improve your energy efficiency, helping to keep bills low and profits high.

energy efficient air conditioner unit

The first step is to ensure that your solution is right for your building and business. For example, buildings with high ceilings can install destratification fans that blow warm air to ground level to reduce their energy consumption by up to 20%.

In addition, you should also make sure your system doesn’t waste energy in unneeded places. For instance, even though good ventilation is essential – it accounts for near 30% of heat loss in most commercial buildings, costing you unnecessary money.

But one of the biggest energy efficient tips relies on temperature control. Most of us know that lowering temperatures can save energy – but it can be surprising to see the difference they make. By lowering set points by just 1°C, you can reduce your annual heating bill by up to 8%.

Smart technology and digitalisation of HVAC systems hold the key to harnessing ideal set temperatures for your system.

By monitoring your system, smart technology can give you the information about its operation, optimum temperatures and where energy is wasted. With this, you can easily adjust the system to suit your business and needs, saving an average of 23% energy consumption in your offices.

At PCPM, we believe in providing energy efficient HVAC solutions to meet your exact requirements.

With complete project management, from design to installation, we ensure that your business benefits from reliable and efficient solutions built to last.

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